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Department of Electrical Engineering

Blank College of Engineering and Computing Advisement Form

Undergraduate Advisement Tool

There are currently two curriculums being used in the Electrical Engineering program because of the changes needed to meet the Common Core requirements of the University. The primary difference is in the handling of the liberal arts portion of the curriculum. You should choose the Advisor Tool below based on the semester in which you enrolled.

Prior to Fall 2012 Semester

If you began your freshman year prior to the Fall 2012 semester, you fall under the Post-2009 "Old" curriculum. You should use this Advisor Tool: POST-2009 Advisor Tool

Fall 2012 Semester or later

If you began your freshman year during the Fall 2012 semester or later, you fall under the Carolina Core "New" curriculum. You should use this Advisor Tool: Carolina Core Advisor Tool.

Be aware that the tool has been updated to reflect a minor change in the curriculum which only applies to students that enrolled in Fall 2016 or later OR have been approved to follow the updated curriculum. This change replaces CSCE146 with an EE Elective which can be met with one of the following courses:

  • CSCE146 (Introduction to Algorithmic Design II)
  • EMCH201 (Numerical Methods)
  • PHYS306 (Principles of Physics III)

Students enrolled prior to Fall 2016 must still take CSCE146 UNLESS they have received approval to officially change their curriculum to the 2016/2017 curriculum. To request approval, they should complete and submit a Curriculum Change Petition Request Form to the department.

Career Plans

If your need information on Career Plans, it is available here: Career Plans