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Department of Electrical Engineering

Blank College of Engineering and Computing Advisement Form

Undergraduate Advisement Tool

Prior to Fall 2012 Semester

If you began your freshman year prior to the Fall 2012 semester, you fall under the Post-2009 "Old" curriculum unless you have chosen to officially switch to the Carolina Core curriculum and received appropriate approval. However, given that almost all of the pre-Carolina Core students will have graduated prior to the Spring 2018 semester, it has been decided to discontinue the pre-Fall 2012 Advisor Tool. If you are a pre-Fall 2012 enrollee and still need to be advised in Spring 2018, please work with your advisor or see Nat Paterson for guidance.

Fall 2012 Semester or later

If you began your freshman year during the Fall 2012 semester or later, you fall under the Carolina Core "New" curriculum. You should use this Advisor Tool: Carolina Core Advisor Tool

Career Plans

If your need information on Career Plans, it is available here: Career Plans