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Department of Electrical Engineering


Supporting Our EE Education

Thanks for your interest in supporting our EE program. We know that different people donate for different reasons. Maybe your USC education changed your life and now you want to open the door to help another student through. Maybe you realize that state funding falls woefully short of supporting the state-of-the-art laboratories and experiential/integrative learning activities that define our program and help us deliver the best possible graduates – so you want to help us keep those facilities up to date. Maybe you realize that student design projects are an important part of student education, part of developing the “total engineer”, and you want to help support one of those projects. Whatever your reason for visiting this page, we thank you! Your support will help us execute our mission faster, better, and with more effective outcomes for the students.

After you click below on “Give Today”, you will find a menu of projects or activities that you can choose to support. Or just choose the first option “EE Department” and leave it to us to prioritize; we’ll make sure your donation is put to work in the most effective way.

Here are some of the areas where your support can make a huge difference:

  • Undergraduate Student Scholarships – As you can imagine, student scholarships are incredibly important to the quality and diversity of our program. While the University offers some scholarships, those are not specific to the EE program. If you want to help us attract the next generation of smart EE majors, designate your contribution to this fund. A little extra financial aid makes a huge difference for some of our students. To donate, just specify EE Scholarships Fund.
  • Graduate Student Scholarships – We’ve got world-class graduate programs, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when our students need a little extra help. Designate your funds to Graduate Student Scholarships if you want to help produce the next generation of Masters and Ph.D. graduates who will help bring to South Carolina the more-technical and better-paying jobs that will raise living standards in our region. Or who will become the next generation of professors to teach your kid’s kids.
  • Capstone Design Projects – Our senior design teams take on some great challenges. Whether they are competing for the top spot at student contests like the Southeast Con hardware competition or developing the next new product for a SC company, they need money to buy the parts and put systems together. Your donation here will support a student team to achieve their dreams. To donate, simply reference fund EE Student Project Fund.
  • EE Department – Leave the prioritizing to us. We know what our students need, and those needs change from month to month and year to year. Make your donation to the EE Department and we will put it to the most effective use. Simply reference fund name EE Department Ed Foundation.

How much should you give? How much can you give? It is your choice -- big or small, we value your contributions. A regular annual contribution or a one-off gift – either way works. Whatever you give and however you decide to give it, your generosity will make a positive difference to the students and life of EE.

How to Give

To make a designated donation, click on the "Give Today" link below and choose "Make a pledge" in the garnet "Give Today" box. Under Step 1: Gift Information, click next to "I would like to specify an area to support", then enter the appropriate name and fund from the list below:

  • EE Scholarships Fund
  • EE Student Project Fund
  • EE General Education Fund

Give Today

If the online form doesn’t help you in the way you need, contact us by one of these other methods:
By Phone – to give by phone, please call 1-877-349-2106
By Mail -- to mail a one-time gift, print our giving form to include with your check, credit card payment, or money order. Please make checks payable to USC Foundations and mail to:

University of South Carolina
Office of Gift Processing
1027 Barnwell Street
Columbia, SC 29208

For any questions regarding “giving”, please do not hesitate to contact Lori Ann Summers, Senior Director of Development for the College of Engineering and Computing, at 803-777-4091 or by email at Or call your favorite professor and they’ll work with you too!